Don’t underestimate the complexity of the building services associated with a wet spa. Even if the architect and interior designer have been involved in this type of build before, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have the detailed expertise required to properly execute these critical areas.

A successful build is based on collaboration between the design/construction team and a specialist wet area team that will bring detailed knowledge of hydrothermal spa requirements. Regardless of the size of the project, wet spa equipment supplier(s) and consultants should be selected at the outset of the project, so their specific requirements are communicated to the design/construction team in order to create a successful project through the conventional design phases as outlined above.

It’s important to identify early in the process who is in charge of the coordination of the various subcontractors. Ideally, this is a project manager who is able to oversee the other contractors and has an understanding of wet area specifications, such as the type of insulation and waterproofing that are necessary; as well as providing insight into the pipe work, sprinkler systems, concrete works, plant rooms, plinths, balance tanks, etc. These will all be installed by various contractors, but the wet area specialist should help get the basics right—such as the floor slab, its water proofing and slope—correct the first time around.

Source: (Global Wellness Institute, 2016)

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